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Please use the navigational links on your left to explore our website. Acurately dating Fordson Majors. Because there were so many tractors being built, the castings were used almost immediately – and the codes on the rear axle, engine block and clutch housing will usually be very close numbers. These casting codes have been published in Britain by Allan Condie in his Fordson books. I can date your tractor if you post your code here BEWARE – the engines are interchangable and many tractors have had replacement engines fitted so the engine number wont match the others. I don’t think we saw 3 spoke front wheels in the US. Were they original Ford? What size tires? That is a very nice early Super Major, I hope you are not going to paint it.

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Search This Message Board: Match ALL words Match ANY word dating fordson major with diesel engine H LOWTHER hi i am restoring fordson major tractor could any one help me to date it and model ect it has a perkins deisel engine 4 cylinder Holz Fordson Majors were produced from , no further information can be given without the serial , which will be found on either the left-hand flywheel housing or the right side of the engine block.

AJ You should not have a four cylinder Perkins in there,the original was a 6 cylinder Perkins P6, someone must have converted it,I will try to post the picture I’v got in the photo section. These engines were available for the E27N as an approved conversion as well as the P6. Going by the serial number it looks to be a later engine and more likely a 4.

Post-war shortages delayed the development of an entirely new tractor. It was known simply as the the Fordson Major until , when the E1A “.

Design begun in to replace the old E27N model which dated from the s. The plan being to have one basic engine that would be built in diesel, petrol, or vaporising oil versions. The new tractor was in the 40 h. To equalize the power, the diesel model had a bore that was larger to increase engine capacity from 3, to 3, cc.

The tractor was larger and heavier than the Fordson E27N it replaced. The transmission was a six forward and twin reverse gear model actuated by a single plate clutch fitted with spur gear final drive, and optional side mounted belt pulley. This major upgrade of the E1A range was to be the last. The introduction of “Qualitrol”, flow control and position control hydraulic system was a significant improvement over previous models.

Engine power was increased to 54 h. In the former blue and orange colour scheme was changed for a new livery of mainly blue with white grill, mudguards and wheels as the lead up to the colour scheme used on the range that was to follow. Roadless started to build 4-wheel drive versions, by fitting a powered front axle and a transfer box to obtain power from the drive train. County also built 4-wheel drive versions and Crawler tracked versions.

Other manufactures used the skid units Engine and Gear box-axle assembly to build custom machines out of. The most notable being the Doe Triple D tractor.

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Fordson was a brand name of tractors and trucks. The latter Ford of Britain also later built trucks and vans under the Fordson brand. Between and , the Fordson was for tractors somewhat like the Ford Model T was for automobiles—it captured the public’s imagination and widely popularized the machine, with a reliable design, a low price affordable for workers and farmers, a widespread dealership network, and a production capacity for large numbers.

Just as the Model T helped the public to appreciate how soon cars and trucks might replace most horses in transport, the Fordson helped people to appreciate how soon tractors might replace most horses in farming advancing the mechanisation of agriculture. As with cars, Ford never had the market to itself, but it dominated the market for tractors, roughly —, and again Ford was the only automotive firm to sell cars, trucks and tractors simultaneously from to For a decade between and , Ford of the U.

During that decade, Ford of Britain continued to build Fordsons and to develop new variants, which it exported widely. In Ford of the U. Ford of Britain continued to use the Fordson brand until

Ford Industrial Engine Production Dates by Serial Numbers

Finding the year of manufacture for a Dexta is a complex process and sources of information differ. The serial number of the Fordson Dexta is stamped on the flange between the engine and clutch housing on the left hand side of the tractor. The castings codes clutch casting, rear axle casting, gearbox casting, hydraulic lift casting can also give an indication of year of manufacture.

Other Dexta statistics are available here.

Although it was becoming dated compared to the lesser number of American The new Fordson Major was the tractor which is responsible for.

On the first day of September, a beautiful dry day brought a host of tractors and a stream of visitors to see them. While several tractors were completely restored, some were in their original state. On display was a wide variety of makers, plus a gleaming steam engine and an assortment of stationary engines, all in steam. A great favourite for the children was a working scale model steam engine with a trailer behind. Also pictured are John Allsopp on the left presenting the certificate with a trophy being presented by Joe Hancock in the middle.

There was enough wind to turn the sails of the year-old windmill and a large number of people enjoyed guided tours and learned how her machinery produced flour. There was a hot food van on site plus the ever popular Bric-Brac stall.

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There are a couple of issues that are of interest to members, the first is the demise of the paper part of the photo card licence, the second is an apparent rule change regarding the evidence required to retain a registration mark. Firstly : although the DVLA have sent some people letters instructing them to destroy the paper part of their licence on the eighth of June, I would strongly advise you not to do so, I am certainly keeping mine. Granted you do not need it in this country but until the system ‘beds in’ if abroad and for some reason you needed to unexpectedly hire a car you might have great difficulty doing so without it.

Secondly : the DVLA has apparently changed their rules regarding the evidence acceptable to them for the retention of an existing registration mark.

16 Fordson Major tractor 51 mm 16 / 39 Fordson Major and trailer 19 Land Rover 47 mm 19 / 38 Land Rover and trailer 30 Car trailer.

Ford Serial Number Location. Recalls, etc. Thanks to our amazing contributors. Become an Academy Member and gain access to additional pages and programs! Please let us know if anything needs fixing. The Fordson tractor engine was available as an industrial engine from the outset of tractor production, however in with the introduction of the mk2 engine and also the introduction of the Thames Trader a new range of Industrial engines was introduced the E, E, E and E 4 and 6 cylinder petrol and diesel engines.

These were produced on a dedicated engine line and were introduced in and made until July for 6 cyl and April for 4 cyl. They all have serial numbers beginning with S and some can be found fitted to Fordson majors as replacements.

Father and son at war over vintage tractor collection told ‘Life is too short’

The Automobilia section was dominated by the over lots from the world-renowned collection belonging to Stewart Imber of Goodwood Revival and set and prop hire company, Themed Garages. On offer were over 40 classic Mercedes-Benz items dating from the s to the s, as well as petrol pumps, enamel and illuminated signs, forecourt maps, promotional flags, posters all of which saw huge levels of interest from throughout Europe with a number of overseas buyers both in the room and bidding online.

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Buy FORD & FORDSON ON FILM Vol 1 Pioneering With Power from It includes a fascinating film called ‘Harness Your Horsepower’ dating from the early Model N. The Major and New Major machines from the late s and s are​.

Please refresh the page and retry. Thomas Lowther, 88, and his son Thomas Lowther Jr, 51, also known as Royston, ended up in court to resolve a financial disagreement after years of not speaking to one another. The pair, who had previously been close, had built up an enviable collection of tractors including Massey Fergusons, Fordson Majors and David Browns. They became the envy of vintage enthusiasts at steam fairs and agricultural rallies all over Britain.

But when a minor argument over the maintenance of a hedge escalated, they ended up at war with one another and began selling off the entire collection. The pair, from Darlington, Co Durham, ended up in the town’s County Court, this week to settle a dispute that arose over the sale of one of the tractors.

Fordson Serial Numbers

It was purchased by the current owner in and restored to it’s original livery. I found this old beast parked under a tree in a driveway in the Mill Bay area on my recent up island road trip I was on the cusp of adding a description when Sven the elder has beat me to it I’ve no idea if he’s right but it sounds kosher to moi! Both machines hold special memories for me.

The serial number on the Fordson Major tractors consists of either seven digits (​the earlier format) or six digits. The later format beginning with November

Businessman Allan Dippie has more than tractors in his collection at his Wanaka shed, and each has a story. Each tractor goes, and each will be driven during a parade at the inaugural Wheels at Wanaka festival at Easter. Dippie said he started collecting the tractors – dating from the early years to the mids – about two-and-a-half years ago. There is the Caterpillar 15 that went to the Antarctic with Admiral Richard Byrd in the s and s. He has a Fordson Super Major with a V8 engine tractor – a tractor hot rod – which he said was ”quite a bit of fun”.

There is the Oliver OC-3, the same model that he and brother Martin took to an isolated spot in the Catlins when they first started out in business cutting ponga logs, while they were still at school. They broke both it and their father’s trailer and had to leave them there, but intend to go back to retrieve them at some point, 38 years later.

To start his Field Marshall Series 11, he uses a lit cigarette in the cylinder head, and then whacks a cartridge shell. Henry Ford built the Fordson, then halved the price and halved it again, eventually putting tractor manufacturers out of business as they could not compete on price, much like the iPhone did. He employs Ron Muir to take care of the tractors and to carry out maintenance and restoration. Some were donated by families while others he has bought from overseas or when owners were no longer able to look after them, and they have visiting rights.

Fordson Major with Steel Fab Back Hoe